Some of our latest catering creations

A plate of caprese salad
A sushi platter
Small bowls of appetizers
Several sushi platters on a table
A collage of various grilled meat
A large plate of barbecued meats, burger, fries, and a side
A table with a cheeseboard, crackers, and other appetizers
A bowl of sliced fresh fruits and vegetables
A table with sandwiches and appetizers
A tray of barbecued meats, fries, and coleslaw
Kebabs and sausages on a grill
Shrimp vol-au-vent
A spread of fresh fruits and pastries
Cooked lamb rack with a sauce
A chicken and crab dish with a sauce
Salad with bacon-wrapped fruit
A bowl of soup
A plate of barbecue ribs
A dessert with sauce and shaved dark and white chocolate
Fish and vegetables on a plate
A plate of salad
A dessert buffet table
Grilled slices of meat with thyme
A table arrangement with flowers and candlesticks
A fresh fruit platter
An array of fresh and savory dishes
A plate of deli meats and bell peppers
A green salad
A plate of cooked vegetables
A platter of fresh fruits
A plate of chocolate-covered strawberries
A table arrangement at an event
An appetizing dish with a sauce glaze
A platter of crostini
A cheese plate with strawberries in the middle
A platter of potato slices topped with cream and nuts
Pastries and desserts topped with cherries
Bocconcini skewers
A business lunch
A catering team in uniform at an event
An event dining hall being set up
A complete table setting
A large event dining hall
A table arrangement with a blue and white motif
An event space with a stage and dining tables
A long table with a bouquet and candlesticks
Silver serving trays on a table

What some of our Clients have to say

“The menu, the presentation & service were EXCELLENT.”

Cecile CharboneayPresident

Reliable, timely and very reasonable on a price comparison perspective.  We would highly recommend Gini services to any new perspective clients.

Caroline Storr,McGill University

Gini is a marvel with wonderful menus, combining diffrent tastes and textures of food.

Laurie M Snider,McGill Univerity

The variety of salads, bread and cold cut platters was beautifully displayed. Your prices are extremely reasonable and the portions were very generous.

Anne Hébert,Lester B. Pearson School Board