Lunch Menu

Cold Buffet

  • Assorted deli sandwiches (wraps, buns etc.) 
  • Devilled eggs
  • Assorted cheese platter, crackers, grapes
  • Salad x 2 ( choices on the website)
  • Fruits cubes platter
  • Cakes squares, Gourmet cookies

Cold Lunch Buffet– March 2016

  • Bread & Butter
  • Devilled eggs
  • Assorted hard cheese platter & Gourmet crackers
  • Cold cuts platter (ham, turkey, roast beef…..)

Salads (2 choices):

  •  Broccoli salad w/sunflower seeds
  • Caesar salad
  • Tabouleh salad
  • Fiesta corn salad (corn, tomato, cucumber, celery, color pepper, green onion)
  • Coleslaw w/mayo or marinated
  • 2-colour coleslaw salad (white & red cabbage)
  • Potatoe salad
  • Pasta salad w/sun-dried tomatoes

Assorted Gourmet cookies platters


Breakfast Buffet- 2016
Semi continental


Vegetarian Frittata – Hot (ready to serve)
Option: Frittata w/ham & cheese 
Assorted cold cuts
An assorted fresh fruit cubes platter
Assorted cakes slices (chocolate, banana, carrot …)
Baguettes, rolls & butter

Yogurt “Muslik”- fresh fruits, granola, nuts…
Plastic plates, cutlery, paper napkins

Dinner or lunch buffet - 2016

Soup (1 choice): Cream of vegetables
Cream of tomato & Basil
Cream of leek & potatoes
Chicken soup with cheese tortellini
Minestrone soup
Bread & Butter

Hot dish (one choice): -Vol au vents w/ham & mushroom sauce or baby shrimp’s & vegetable sauce & cooked veggies (site)
– Boston Beef (sliced) with mushroom sauce – serve with/rice a
-Chicken Fiesta (grilled chicken breast strips, with peppers, onion) & roasted potato wedges
– Filet of pork with mushroom- onion gravy & orzo or any other side dish
– Pork Schnitzel served with mashed garlicky potatoes or Scallop potatoes
– Beef osso bucco & roasted veggies served with Harvest mixed grains or mashed potatoes
– Chicken Marsala – sauté chicken breasts with Marsala wine sauce & mushrooms – served with any above side dishes
– Harvest Grilled chicken breast (strips) mixed w/Grilled veggies – $1.50 p/p extra served w/roasted potato wedges

*** With 2 Hot Dishes choices, only one side dish available or $1.50 extra for second choice

Salads (1 choice): Mixed greens, mandarins, almonds & Balsamic vinaigrette
Caesar salad
Tomato – artichoke salad w/olives
Marathon salad (romaine, tomato, cucumber, red onion, olives) & Feta cheese
Tomato & cucumber salad w/olives
Tomatoes, capers & olives salad
Tomatoes & Bocconcini cheese with Basil sauce
Colorful beans salsa with assorted veggies

Dessert (1 choice):
-Fruits cube platter & Gourmet cookies
– Opera cake squares
– Apple strudel portions w/ice-cream (site)
-Assorted cake squares & Gourmet cookies
– Coconut – chocolate squares

Delivery & set up buffet – West Island & Montreal
Displayed platters, bowls, basket, real tablecloth for the buffet – to return


Wedding Buffet min 100 p –

July 2016


Cocktail – 4:30 pm

Assorted hot & cold hors d’oeuvres (8 kinds) – served around

Buffet – 6; 30 pm


Chicken dish (1 choice):

-Chicken Marsala w/ mushrooms wine sauce

-Grilled chicken breast

-Grilled lemon chicken breast (no sauce, just a flavor)

Fiesta chicken (chicken breast strips with peppers & sauté onion – spicy upon request)

Chicken Parmagiana 

-Caribbean chicken (pineapple, coconut)

-Malaysian grilled chicken breast (garlic, ginger, and cilantro)


Pork dish (1 choice):

 Filet of pork w/cognac creamy sauce

Filet of pork w/raspberry – wine sauce

Filet of pork w/mushroom sauce

Spare ribs with BBQ sauce

Pork Stroganoff

Grilled Pork chops


Potato dish (one choice): Small roasted Parisian potatoes w/fine herbs

Greek potatoes

Potato wedges w/ onion sauté


Rice Ballade


Pasta (2 choices):

-Rotini w/sun dried tomatoes & Parmesan

Small pasta w/basil – Tomato sauce

Portobello Penne

Penne Arabiata (sun dried tomato spicy sauce)

Cheese tortellini w/Basil – tomato sauce


Salads (2 choices):

-Caesar salad

-Marathon salad (greens, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, Kalamata olives) & Feta cheese 

-Fiesta corn salad (corn, tomato, cucumber, celery, color pepper)

-Corn tomato salad w/Cilantro dressing

 -Artichoke tomato salad

– Tomato & Bocconcini cheese w/Basil sauce

– Mixed greens, mandarins & heart of palms w/Balsamic vinaigrette

Bread & Butter


Dessert – I h after dinner

Own wedding cake – cut & served on the side, at no extra cost

Fruits platters (fancy presentation)

Coffee, tea – station


Delivery – West Island, Montreal

White gloved service – set up top tables & buffet. Service & clean up to 6 hours

Kitchen service

Buffet & cocktail equipment

 * the menu could be modified upon request

Customized catering  menu  is available upon request, please contact us for information about your event needs. Choices are variable ..

Customized menu matching prices with customer budget..

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